About the Artisan - Carolyn Murray 


I have grafted away for the last thirteen years,  learning the craft of creating beautiful bespoke silver jewellery and was able to hone my skills over the years, accumulating and perfecting a wide variety of techniques working in silver, and encompassing them into my spoon jewellery designs.

Most of the spoons that I work with are antique English Sterling Silver.  I spend my time sourcing appropriate materials before they are sent off for melting, and then lovingly transforming these spoons into an array of designs; which range from a traditional style of  jewellery to a more contemporary look.  It has enabled me to create a portfolio to suit all tastes and genres. 

I really take a pride in researching the history of each spoon from the hallmark in order to enhance and embrace the unique story of each piece. In addition every ring, bracelet pendant and pair of ear-rings is supplied with an individual photograph of its previous incarnation as a spoon to further document its provenance.

I have managed to develop my craft from a hobby into a blossoming business, and have now given up the drudgery of the daily London commute to concentrate on my passion and set free the  designs that are exploding in my mind.

2019 was a fantastic year, and am looking forward to 2020 with a lot more designs!